Educating Mind, Body & Spirit

We hear a lot about “mind-body” these days, which is a good thing. But wouldn’t it be even better to hear more about “mind-body-spirit” – especially in the  field of education? This is a powerful trio of subjects or entities found in anything that is truly holistic. 

The Ming Hui Academy of Boston offers all its students this priceless and complete learning experience. Our teachers believe that incorporating truthfulness, compassion and forbearance in their lives is more than just a job responsibility – it’s a way of life. 

The Classic Chinese language is rooted in an understanding and respect of the harmony between heaven and earth. Isn’t this something that our present day society could use a lot more of?  

The Ming Hui Academy Boston awaits you…

What We Offer

Ming Hui Academy Boston (MHAB) has now moved to its new site in Cambridge. We are subject to the Massachusetts Education Department’s guidance. Our group classes will be provided onsite in the school and private classes will be provided online using Google Meet. Our programs for individual student’s will be tailored based on student schedules and learning goals.

We offer: 

Summer cooking camp for children 6-12;  Sunday Chinese School for children 4-12;

After school online private or group Chinese classes;  TCML in person adult Chinese and culture classes; 

Adult online private or group Chinese lessons;  Extracurricular lessons: Chinese Classical Dance, 

Chinese Ink Brush painting, knitting, meditation and exercise workshop

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