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About Us

The Minghui Academy of Boston provides effective and engaging Mandarin Chinese programs for children teenagers and adults. We offer students after-school and weekend classes, private tutoring, online and onsite and group lessons. Our curriculum is based on research and practice of traditional Chinese language and culture. We customize lessons for students of different ages and backgrounds to meet their learning goals while providing emotional support and mindfulness to ensure that the students have an enjoyable experience and make solid progress in their Mandarin Chinese studies.

Our Mission

Ming Hui Academy Boston, a bilingual Chinese-English school, accepts students of different ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. The school provides a nurturing environment for students to learn Chinese language, traditional Chinese culture and upright moral values. We emphasize the importance of relationships to self, to others and to nature in developing and learning. Students from Ming Hui Academy Boston learn to be honest, compassionate, tolerant, and virtuous while cultivating their potential for becoming future leaders. 

波士頓明慧學校是一所提供中、英雙語教學服務的學校。招生對象不分年齡、種族和文化背景。學生在愛心的培育環境下學習中文、中華傳統文化和道德觀念。 我們特別關注與培育學生對「人與己、人與人、人與天地」之間良善的互動關係。明慧學校以「真、善、忍」為指導原則, 致力於培育德才兼備的菁英。


Ming Hui Academy Boston provides a learning environment that uses mainly Chinese language. Students use the textbook, “Let’s Learn Chinese”. The series emphasizes traditional Chinese characters and utilizes both bopomofo and Hanyu Pinyin and includes simplified characters in the notes. By studying the stroke order and structure of traditional Chinese characters, students learn the fascinating embedded meanings in them. Students use “Three Character Classic” and “Disciple’s Rules” for traditional Chinese culture learning.

Students are trained to lead by being given opportunities to become the classroom monitor, participating in the sharing of ideas during “circle time” discussion, cooperating with others in organizing activities, and teaching and learning from each other. 

The school provides a variety of extracurricular activities such as:   Chinese Classical dancing, Chinese flute & music,  folk arts and crafts, Chinese calligraphy and culinary arts. 

波士頓明慧學校提供以中文為主的學習環境。學生使用《華語向前走》作為教材,著重正體字的學習, 兼顧注音及拼音,並撘配簡體標註。通過學習正體字的筆劃與結構,讓學生理解並領會正體字中奧妙的內涵。傳統文化課教材使用包括《三字經》、《弟子規》等。


學校還開設了豐富的課外活動: 學生可以學習中國古典舞,中國民間手工藝,  笛子與音樂, 烹飪,中國書法等等。


We are a group of experienced  teachers and volunteers who cherish traditional Chinese culture and devote our time to motivating students to learn the language.  We are committed to working with students and parents to provide well-rounded lessons and services.

我們是一群有豐富教學經驗的教師和義工。我們特别重視中華傳統文化對學生積極正面的影響和導向作用, 以極大的熱情投入時間幫助學生學習中文, 弘揚中華傳統文化及道德觀念, 使寶貴的五千年中華文明得以傳承並發揚光大。我們致力於與學生和家長合作實現共贏,提供精心設計的課程和優質優惠的服務。

Characteristics of Ming Hui Academy

Uses “whole person with whole school” approach

Emphasizes the importance of relationships in development and learning

Implements positive discipline and self-awareness education

Recognizes the contribution and the impact of an individual to the world

Practices mindfulness to increase memorization, concentration and promotes a healthy mind and body.










Ming Hui Academy Boston is supported, in part, by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency that promotes excellence, inclusion, education and diversity in the arts, humanities and sciences.

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