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A Mother's Testimonial

Ming Hui Academy of Boston has been such an amazing discovery for us. I always wanted our 3-year old son Adrian to learn much more than just reading, drawing, writing, or speaking another language. These skills are no doubt valuable, but they are less meaningful if taught without an overarching context and strong backbone of fundamental values that he can carry with him throughout his life in order to make his decisions based on kindness and caring for others. When we learned about Ming Hui Academy, it was like discovering a little oasis where I knew that Adrian will be in good hands of the teachers whose goal was to teach children Chinese culture, language and reading and writing skills based on a broad perspective of helping our children to grow up kind, patient, and grateful.

Adrian has learned so much during these several months of our online classes: he learned to respectfully greet and thank his teacher through daily routines that children always follow in class; he’s been learning to value family and friendships through beautiful Chinese rhymes, books, and cartoons; he recognizes and knows how to pronounce over a dozen  Chinese ideograms;  he knows how to read Zhuyin Fuhao and can recite the beginning of Lunyu by heart; he has learned several Chinese songs and happily shares them with our relatives; he enjoys writing Chinese ideograms and learning the names of different strokes. He no doubt looks forward to every single class with our Laoshi!