1. Chinese civilization has a long history of five thousand years with a divine culture as the foundation. 
  2. Traditional Chinese characters and phonetic symbols contain the profound connotations of traditional Chinese culture and are the basis for learning the culture.
  3. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over China in 1949, the government invented simplified characters and pinyin with the goal of destroying traditional Chinese culture. The profound meaning contained in Chinese characters was removed. Pinyin was a conspiracy tool for the party to replace Chinese characters with alphabets. During the Cultural Revolution, many cultural relics, temples and most of the essence of traditional culture were destroyed.
  4. At present, the world is setting off a wave of getting rid of the CCP. The CCP has suppressed and harmed people internally and exported communism in an attempt to dominate the world. The whole world, especially the United States, has realized the threat that the CCP poses to the world and will not be blinded by material interests. We must clearly understand the evil nature of the CCP and destroy it.
  5. If you want to learn the real traditional Chinese culture, you should abandon the simplified Chinese characters and pinyin that was created by the CCP to destroy traditional Chinese culture, and learn the traditional characters and phonetic symbols.